Unbelievable: lack of cash, prestigious car manufacturer sells its HQ

Located in Woking, Surrey, southwest London, the iconic building was inaugurated in 2004. Made of glass and steel, it is characterized by its huge glass surfaces and semi-circular shape that blends into a body of water to symbolize Yin and Yang when seen from the sky. The building houses all of the brand’s activities, from the technology center where F1 and road cars are developed, to production lines, including all the training and administrative part.

50 hectares

However, despite the 200 million pounds (216 million euros) that you will have – McLaren hopes in any case – to pay to offer you the site, there is no question of having as you wish the 22,000 m² of infrastructure and the 50 hectares of land. The builder will continue to occupy the premises, subject to the payment of a monthly rent. This principle of “leaseback” will allow the manufacturer to free up cash to carry out its current projects and hope to quickly find the path to profitability.

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