Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Unbelievable: Lidl will also sell cannabis in the future

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In addition to alcohol and cigarettes you will also find other intoxicants in the shelves of Lidl. The discount giant now also offers cannabis products.

Munich – In the future probably a common image at Lidl: In addition to the baking rolls and muesli customers also find cannabis products in the shelves of the discounter. At least customers who go shopping in a Swiss branch. This announced the German company in a press release. Which hemp products should be exactly and how this step was possible, you can * read.

Discounter competitor Aldi has also been offering an unusual product for a few days now. But this is not an intoxicating, but a practical gadget to fight against Protect disturbing noise of neighbors.

No matter if Aldi or Lidl. Both supermarkets seem to know how to offer their customers a varied offer.

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