Understand the Understanding of Light and Its Properties and How It Works

sunshine illustration. neefusa.org

Merdeka.com – Some people in the world are afraid of the dark, be it outdoors or indoors. They are worried and anxious about something hidden in it. Then came candles, lamps, and flashlights as sources of light to overcome the fear of the dark.

However, we need light more than just for lighting. Our vision has limitations, and it will be difficult if there is no light around it. With light, we can also see a wide variety of colors. And the greatest source of light for humans is right above us, which is the sun.

Although it has been a long time since accompanying us to overcome fears and aid our vision, we may only know light as a bright, fast-moving light. But, what is the meaning of light itself?

To answer this question, we will present a discussion about what light is and how it works, which can also add to your insight into the surrounding environment.

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