Undiano Mallenco leaves classics to remember


A withdrawal with honors will receive Alberto Undiano Mallenco. In the Santiago Bernabéu, in one of the Spanish football's coliseums, and a white glove match, with the Real Madrid and Betis without anything at stake except some anger. Deserved goodbye by the big door for the Navarre referee, 45, who leaves the record of matches judged in the First (will be 348) after 19 seasons in the top flight. Nothing to do with the modest gate that he crossed on the day of his debut, at the Numancia-Oviedo (1-0) of September 10, 2000.

The Bernabéu is the stadium that more times has visited in a very long race since its debut in 2000

No one remains of that promotion -not even the two teams- that has resisted as much as Undiano Mallenco: Iturralde González, Pérez Lasa, Mejuto González, Daudén Ibáñez… he has surpassed all of them in the successive records of refereed matches.

TO Undian he will be accompanied to the car by his former colleague Carlos Megía Dávila, that today is the field delegate of Madrid. The Bernabéu is the field that more times has visited, although first it knew the Camp Nou, in the following day after debuting in The Pajaritos, to take charge of the Barça-Racing (3-1).

Pito in the 2010 World Cup

It goes Undian with the category that was supposed by his youth to ascend to First (26 years), the status of international and the appointment he received to whistle in the World-2010 of South Africa. He thought when he was in the Allianz of Munich that "I can already die" and describes as "unforgettable" the Germany-Serbia that whistled in South Africa. He leaves with 10 classics behind him, some of them significant and which, surely, made his children uncomfortable at school "when a colleague" threw them in the face "some move in which I would have been wrong". Undian he is convinced that they are proud of his father, he says, in a video recorded by the RFEF.

Mestalla and the 2-6

The culés associate him to the Mestalla Cup final (2010-11) and the permissiveness he showed against the wave of harshness displayed by Madrid, with aggression (Arbeloa, Pepe, Xabi Alonso) that went unpunished. The following classics whistled at the Camp Nou and both concluded with white victory.

In the global calculation, in correspondence with the Barça hegemony, the Barça triumphs prevail (6) and a single draw: that of the League 2006-07, in which he expelled Oleguer by two yellows and in which Leo Messi he scored the first triplet of his career. He was also in the triplet of Leo at the Bernabéu (3-4 of Liga 13-14). On the other hand nobody remembers Undian in the most unforgettable classic of all: 2-6, one of the most important works of Barça Guardiola.

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