Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Unexpected complications: Should be in a coma: Fiat Chrysler announces resignation of CEO Marchionne

The group’s announcement from early Saturday night literally states that the “unexpected complications” occurred during the post-shoulder recovery period, which “continued to worsen in the last few hours.” The newspaper ” Libero Quotidiano “reported, however, that Marchionne is suffering from lung cancer and should be in a coma, referring to the media portal” Dagospia “.

The procedure is supposed to be according to a report by “La Repubblica” already took place at the end of June. the “Corriere della Sera” According to Marchionne in a Zurich Clinic on the right shoulder. On July 5, a spokesman from Fiat Chrysler Still in a press release explains, the Fiat boss needed only a “short phase of Rekovaleszenz”.

Since Friday circulated rumors, according to which the company tips in view of the state of health of the Italian Canadian Lawyers are looking for a successor. “I am deeply saddened to hear about Sergio’s health,” said Fiat President John Elkann, who is now the new Ferrari boss. “It’s a situation that would have been unthinkable for a few years, leaving us all with a sense of injustice.”

Mike Manley is to succeed Marchionne

The leadership of Fiat Chrysler now takes over Mike Manley, who has been a top management of the car maker for many years and was previously responsible for the Jeep brand. New president from Ferrari becomes John Elkann, a member of the Agnelli family and Fiat president. For the Ferrari CEO, the Supervisory Board appointed Louis C. Camilleri, who previously held, inter alia, executive positions at the tobacco multi Philip Morris.

Marchionne originally wanted to remain head of Fiat Chrysler until 2019, but similar plans for his Ferrari posts were unknown.

Marchionne moved to Fiat in 2004 at the height of the biggest crisis, later taking over the equally battered US rival Chrysler. By the end of his career with the corporation, Marchionne had achieved his last big goal and announced the company’s debt freeze for the end of June.

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