Uni sua to the end to defeat Lugo in Fontajau (66-58)


The debut of the Euroleague is very close, perhaps too much for the concentration of the players, and Ensino Lugo has been about to remember today that Feminine League-1 Many rivals can scare the champion. Although this is the Spar Citylift Girona, it has even more stars than last season and play at Fontajau before almost 3,000 spectators.

The Uni has just won and it remains unbeaten this season, but not before sweating to defeat a Teaching Lugo that has won by 15 points in the second quarter (13-28) and that, less than one minute in the end still kept theirs options with a 63-58 that Mendy has been responsible for fading with the final triple (66-58). On Wednesday, the story will be different from the Fenerbahce track in the Euroleague debut.

The triple, which the referees gave in two because Barcelona had to be trampled, by Ainhoa ​​López, with the usual dedication to the family that had come to see what was her pavilion, is the best image of the which was the first quarter. A Teaching Lugo playing with nothing to lose before the more than 2,500 spectators at Fontajau; and a dreaded Spar Citylift Girona, very erratic and where only Sykes, before going badly on his ankle, seemed like he was hungry enough to brighten the afternoon fans before the big games of the season arrived.

Èric Surís has been desperate more than once for the facilities with which Richaards or Miller scored close to the basket or seeing how, for the first time this season, his team was not prevailing in the fight for rebound. At the beginning of the second quarter, when Uni still managed to start playing at the same game, the Galicians have been able to score 15 points in the scoreboard (13-28). Surís asked for some time to remind everyone that the game they were playing was here and now, against Lugo, and not in Istanbul against the Fenerbahce. This will be Wednesday.

It was halved. And, therefore, at break (31-38), the coach had to do it again with a bit higher. In just one minute of the third quarter, Uni had already turned the scoreboard and was the coach of Lugo who had to ask for time (39-38). Girona has seemed to start doing what they like most: defend and run. Lugo needed almost five minutes to make their first basketball in the second half, but even so, Girona has just taken the cruising speed for the desperation of the large audience, eager to see what happened on paper , is the best team that Uni has ever had. At the end of the third quarter, 50-50 later O'Dwyer wrote down a final basketball that compensated the triple seconds before Elonu.

Everyone knew, assumed, or at least expected, that in a moment or another Uni would make a definitive stir which Lugo could not answer. But this has taken on arrival. Just over six minutes into the final, Stanacev still tied the marker (54-54) and even though the Uni tried to nail the final dentellada (61-56 with a triple of Mendy after Sykes went to the ground to retrieve a ball) the final kick ended that came. After a minute and a half at the end, Surís asked for a long time. His team only won five points, 63-58, and his players finished brightening the afternoon losing the ball in the following two attacks. It is clear that Ensino Lugo has not been able to score in either of his two possessions and the triple of Mendy in 13 seconds to end it that has served to close the game definitively.

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