Unicredit in rally: a new target arrives. Upside is a scream

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by Davide Pantaleo


Unicredit Ftse Mib Spread BTP

Unicredit clicks on the Ftse Mib and among bankers after the S&P upgrade and after a broker has raised the fair value: this is how far it can run now.

About an hour after the close of today’s trading, the Unicredit session continues with a marked increase, showing more relative strength than the Ftse Mib, occupying one of the top positions in the basket of blue chips.

Unicredit sprints forward among the bankers

The stock, after closing yesterday’s session with a progress of more than half a percentage point, today rises more decisively, presenting itself in the last minutes at 11.452 euros, with a rally of 2.99% and over 14 million shares traded on the market so far, against the average of about 16 million over the last 30 days.

Unicredit snubs the rise in the spread and the rally in the 10-year rate

Unicredit scores the best performance in the banking sector, without being affected in any way by the negative indications coming from the bond front.

The BTP-Bund Spread widens further and rises by 1.72% to 130.1 basis points, while the sales on BTPs trigger the 10-year yield which shows a rally of 3.82% to 1.088%.

Unicredit: S&P confirms rating and improves outlook

Unicredit meanwhile rises after the S&P agency improved the bank’s outlook from “stable” to “positive”, confirming the long-term ratings at “BBB”, the short-term rating at “A2” and those of the issues.

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It should be noted that the upgrade of the outlook was decided on the basis of the reduction of economic risks in Italy and in the light of the improvement in the country’s growth prospects.

Unicredit: Jefferies raises the target price. Buy confirmed

Meanwhile, to fuel purchases on Unicredit are also indications coming from Jefferies, whose analysts reiterated the “buy” recommendation on the stock, with a target price raised from 14.75 to 16.2 euros, a value that implies a potential upside of almost 42% compared to the current quotations on Piazza Affari.

According to the broker, Unicredit will have to convince the market about the use of excess capital to free up value.

Today the appointment of 9 December, when Investor Day will be held, will act as a catalyst for strategic indications on the drivers of revenues and returns on capital.

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