Unions: ‘There is an agreement. Now Ita changes course or mobilization ‘- Economy


“An important agreement for all Alitalia workers that guarantees salary stability until September 2022”. This was stated by the trade union organizations Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Transport Aereo on the agreement reached with Alitalia in extraordinary administration at the Ministry of Labor on layoffs, explaining that “it is preparatory to the table with Minister Orlando, convened on Friday 8 October, in which the social safety nets for the protection and accompaniment of workers will be established during the Ita industrial plan “.
“Another important step – the trade unions underline – is the approval in Parliament of the motion, presented by the majority, which commits the Government on employment, on the guarantee of the application of the national contract by Ita in compliance with article 203 of the Relaunch Decree and on the strategic assets of maintenance and handling that must be part of the Ita plan “.
“Now – finally explain Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl TA – we expect the company management of Ita to change course, following the direction indicated by Parliament, to allow a serene and profitable departure of the new company on October 15. absence of the desired change of course, the mobilization of male and female workers will continue until we have answers to our requests “.

“On the 15th we start, it is a commitment that we made as a company and that was reiterated yesterday by the Deputy Minister Castelli. Our task is to do everything necessary to bring this goal home”. This was stated by the executive president of Italia Trasporti Aereo, Alfredo Altavilla, on the sidelines of the EY Digital Summit. “The hiring negotiation is well over. They are all on board and have signed the contract we sent them. We are finalizing the last ones. The hiring part is, I would say, behind us,” he continued.

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Then he added: “A strike for the 15th would seem to me a national shame and something that would damage the image of our country internationally. I really can’t understand how it can be a subject of pressure”. “If someone is looking for a way to definitively sabotage this negotiation, the strike of 15 is the perfect way”, he stressed.