United Kingdom signs the extradition of Julian Assange to the US


Julian Assange could be extradited to the US in the next few hours. The United Kingdom has signed the order after the formal request of Washington. Assange, 47, faces in a federal court of the state of Virginia several crimes of espionage and publication of secret documents, in relation to the massive filtration that it organized in 2010.

The request for extradition was filed last week, shortly before the expiration of the legal deadline for it, which is 60 days. According to the secretary of Interiro British in a television program, "the request will be presented to the courts tomorrow, but yesterday I signed the extradition order and certified it."

On April 11, Assange was detained by the British Police after being forcibly removed from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The American country had revoked the asylum he had granted him in 2012. Then, the journalist wanted to take refuge there so as not to be sent to Sweden, which requested his surrender to interrogate him for alleged sexual crimes that he always denied and of which he was never accused.

Assange believed that if he was sent to the Nordic country, he would end up being extradited to the US, where he faces charges for the dissemination in 2010 of documents secrets about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other issues. The US request is based on the indictment filed against him in May by federal prosecutors in the eastern district court of Virginia, based in Alexandria.

The prosecution argues that Assange helped ex-soldier Chelsea Manning to decipher the access codes of the US Government's computer equipment to enter those systems and extract secret information without leaving a trace. At present, Assange, of Australian origin, is serving a sentence of 50 weeks of imprisonment for having violated in 2012 the conditions of provisional freedom that had been set by the Swedish authorities in relation to crimes of sexual assault.


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