United Kingdom: Theresa May is living her last days as Prime Minister

Unable to implement the Brexit, Theresa May is living her last days at the head of a British government that has appeared in recent weeks strangely silent on the issue, as paralyzed. On Friday, Labor broke off talks with the prime minister, six days before the European elections.

Discussions on the UK's exit agreement from the EU have "gone as far as possible" given the "growing weakness and instability" of the Conservative government, Labor Chief Jeremy Corbyn said Friday in a letter to Theresa May. For him, the "eroded authority" of the leader calls into question its ability to "materialize any commitment" made during these talks.

Thrust of Downing Street by his

The countdown was launched Thursday, when the conservative leader was forced to agree, at a meeting with parliamentary leaders of her party, to announce "a timetable for the election of a new party leader. conservative ". Which amounts to designating the new Prime Minister of the country.

In the hot seat for months, Theresa May managed to stay in power for lack of candidate ready to risk taking over the thorny issue of Brexit. But the catastrophic results for his party in the local elections in early May and disastrous polls (the conservatives would arrive in 5e position according to a YouGov poll) in view of European next week have sealed his fate, with the populists in ambush.

Voters criticize the Conservatives but also the Labor their procrastination on the Brexit, originally scheduled for March 29 but postponed to October 31.

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A fourth vote on the withdrawal agreement is scheduled for early June in the UK Parliament. Whether members pass or reject this bill does not change anything from the head of government.

Boris Johnson candidate

The former mayor of London confirmed Thursday that he would run for prime minister and is a favorite, according to Ladbrokes. Bojo, 54, was one of the great architects of the Brexit victory in the referendum of June 2016, from which he still draws much of his legitimacy today.

Appointed foreign minister in the wake of Theresa May, he has not stopped soaping him by criticizing his strategy in the negotiations with Brussels, before leaving the government to defend a clear break with the EU.

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But other names of claimants declared or possible to his succession circulate. Environment Minister Michael Gove may seem like the man of the situation thanks to the flexibility of his positions. Jeremy Hunt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrea Leadsom, Minister for Parliamentary Relations, are also potential heads of government.

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