United States: Democratic primary disrupted by coronavirus

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders clash this Sunday evening during their first televised debate for two, and for the first time without audience.

The American Democratic primary is turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Joe Biden, the big favorite, and Bernie Sanders, losing speed, find themselves this Sunday evening in Washington for the first televised face-to-face of this primary, disturbed by the new coronavirus.

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This eleventh Democratic debate, which begins at 8 p.m. local time, boils down to a duel between the former Vice President of the United States and the Socialist Senator, now the only ones fighting over the Democratic nomination to challenge Donald Trump during the election in November.

Debate without audience

The CNN stage will seem very empty: we are far from the 20 candidates spread over two evenings during the first games in June. What is more, the debate will take place in the federal capital in the absence of any public due to the epidemic of Covid-19.

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It was originally scheduled to be held in Arizona, one of the four states that voted Tuesday for a new stage in this electoral marathon with Florida, Ohio and Illinois.

Deferred polls, canceled meetings

These states have decided to maintain the election despite the pandemic, which has become the number one concern of the political class and which makes it increasingly difficult to campaign. Georgia, which was to be the next to vote on March 24, announced a postponement of the poll to May 19 on Saturday. Louisiana had already decided to delay its primaries scheduled for April 4. Most of the public meetings had to be canceled.

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