Monday, 10 Dec 2018

United States: five immigrants lose their nationality and now all fear

In U.S the longed for ‘ Green Card ‘is almost an unattainable dream for thousands of immigrants who seek the American dream; However, those who already have it could also be in danger, and that is that this condition can be lost if you do not meet the necessary requirements.

A clear example is the reality that five immigrants, who were nationalized as Americans thanks to obtaining the ‘ Green Card ‘, they are living. This group of people were left without nationality as reported by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, becoming a clear example that this condition is not eternal.

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He was judge Joe Fish, of the District Court of North Texas who gave the order to revoke said nationalities. First was Emmanuel Olugbenga, a 61-year-old man who admitted to having sex with a child under seven years of age, something that the Department shows a very bad moral behavior.

Fosia Abdi Adan The 51-year-old also lost that condition after the order of Judge Susan Richard Nelson of Minnesota, who lied of having been married to Ahmed Mohamed Wasarme, 53, and who had two children: Mustaf Abdi Adan, 33, and Faysal Jama Look, 31 years old. The four ended up losing the judicial process.

For his part, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions “The current immigration system is used too often in an abusive manner by fraudsters and vile people, and these cases are perfect examples of that unfortunate fraud so common in our system,” he said. Telemundo.

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