United States: the Washington Democratic primary primary won by Biden

If the Ohio Democratic primary was suspended, that of Washington State did take place in the United States. According to American media forecasts, it was won by Joe Biden. After the almost complete count of the votes of this state of the west coast on Monday evening, NBC and the New york times published the result: a slim advance for Biden, which thus consolidates its pole position to face President Donald Trump.

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According to these two media, the former vice-president of Barack Obama won 37.9% of the vote, ahead of 1.5 point independent senator much more to the left Bernie Sanders. On Tuesday, millions of pro-Democrats in turn were set to go to the polls in three other states, Arizona, Florida and Illinois, despite anxiety over the rapidly spreading new coronavirus crisis. has killed 80 people in the United States.

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The confusion reigned in particular on health security in the polling stations. The election was postponed in Ohio, where authorities ordered the closure of offices at the last moment in the face of the spread of the epidemic. It will undoubtedly be double or double for Sanders Tuesday, more and more cornered and who could leave the race if he does not manage to score significant points.

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