United States: Uber launches a "silent mode" that encourages drivers to ... shut up!

You do not have the time or the desire to make the conversation to your driver Uber? The American VTC company has found a solution. Since Wednesday, a "silent mode" encourages drivers of the application not to discuss with their passengers. A possibility only available in the United States, according to the American press.

This option is offered on a "premium" race order, such as UberBlack (a sedan ride) or UberBlack SUV (a van ride). So races are more expensive than conventional races.

When choosing the race, the passenger will be offered three options: a "quiet mode" ("Quiet preferred"), "open to conversation" ("Happy to chat"), or "no preference" ("No preference ").

Be careful, selecting the "silent mode" will not force the driver to be really quiet during the ride, says a company product manager, Aydin Ghajar, at the TechCrunch site. "The driver is independent. We just communicate passenger preferences. The driver will have this information and will be able to do what he wants, "he continues.

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Possibility of choosing the temperature

"Quiet mode" is one of the recurring demands of Uber customers, according to the employee. People who subscribe to UberBlack or UberBlack SUV services also have the option to specify the number of bags in their possession to facilitate their loading.

These customers can also select their temperature preference in the passenger compartment, and will benefit from additional waiting time from their driver after arriving at the meeting point.

This series of measures aims to push customers to turn to more expensive services for the company and accelerate its profitability, at a time when the giant's IPO, which was to raise $ 100 billion, has been coldly greeted on Wall Street.

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