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Former United States President Donald Trump offered his first interview on Wednesday since leaving the White House on January 20 to talk about his friend Rush Limbaugh, a late popular conservative communicator, in a conversation in which he insisted on his unfounded accusations of fraud in the past elections and criticized the Republican Party.

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Trump, who is at his golf club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, intervened by telephone on the television network Fox News to praise the figure of Limbaugh, who interviewed him on several occasions.

Rush believed that we had won, and I also, I think we won substantially (the elections), and Rush thought we had won, it was finished (from November 3 when the elections were held), and many people feel that way too, “said the former president.

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“I don’t think that would have happened to any Democrat, you would have had riots everywhere if that had happened to Democrats, we don’t have the same support at certain levels of the Republican (party) system“But we have great people among the Republicans,” he added. Rush felt like we had won and he was pretty mad about it. “

I don’t think that would have happened to any Democrat, you would have had riots everywhere if that had happened to Democrats

Since the media projections gave the Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election four days after its celebration, Trump has insisted on his accusations of electoral fraud without providing evidence and did not come to recognize the triumph of his rival until after the Lower House approved on January 13 the indictment to open a political trial against him for the assault on the country’s Capitol.

On January 6, hundreds of radical followers of Trump stormed the headquarters of Congress while a joint session of both houses was being held to ratify Biden’s victory in the elections.

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Minutes before the assault, the then outgoing president delivered an incendiary speech from the White House where he urged his supporters to march to the Capitol to “stop the theft” of the elections.

That intervention served as the basis for the Democrats to open a trial against him in the Senate, under the charge of having incited the insurrection, of which Trump was acquitted last weekend, as there were not enough votes to “condemn” him.

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Since Trump is no longer president, he would have faced potential disbarment from public office in the future. Since the assault on the Capitol, the former president, who during his term was omnipresent on Twitter, their accounts are blocked on the main social networks.



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