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Unknown companion disclosure

Former ski king Petter Northug (37) has probably received as much attention for his private life as for his achievements on the ski track.

After he put his skis on the shelf five years ago, he continued to appear on the TV screen, and next spring he will, among other things, be featured in a comedy program on TV 2 together with the comedian Harald Eia.

The man has given wild sporting performances, rude comments and a couple of scandals – but now it’s been a while since we last heard anything about Northug’s love life.

OPEN: Petter Northug talks honestly about life’s ups and downs in his new biography. Photo: Risk Publications
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But next week, his new book “Petter Northug – en villjeskalle” will be released, as well as the podcast “Viljeskalle”, where the 37-year-old talks honestly about life’s ups and downs. In the book, and the podcast on Podimo, he also opens up about two previous love affairs – one known, and one that went under the public radar.

“MASKORAMA”: We confronted Petter Northug with the “Maskorama” rumors during the opening of his shop in Majorstuen. Video: Nora Skavhaug.
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It appears

In 2008, Northug was well on his way to becoming a well-established celebrity, so when word got out that he had found happiness with athlete Rachel Nordtømme, it wasn’t long before they were almost the most sought-after couple in the country .

In the book, the relationship is discussed, and it appears that the duo met for the preceding already many years earlier. They had their first “date” when Nordtømme was a confirmation student.

CHEERS: Rachel Nordtømme was present during the sprint world cup in 2010 to cheer on her boyfriend. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB
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“One evening in 2004, after a confirmation class, Petter picked her up in a green Golf. They drove home to her dorm, they chatted and joked. Then there was no love relationship, just feelings l,” the book says.

There was no relationship until the athlete moved to Byåsen in Trondheim in 2008. Northug also lived in Byåsen, and the duo spent a lot of time together.

“He found out the side of Petter that no one else knows, a firm boy with traditional values, with a mission in life: to win ski races. But also a person who loved to joke and imitate others, a specialty since in childhood. He went for weeks, sneaked and fit for a few days, and traveled for the purpose of cross-country skiing. Especially before major championships, Petter worked harder and slept alone and zero outside distractions.”

In the spring of 2011, the relationship ended.

Nordtømme is among those who participated in “Petter Northug – a willing skull”.

MOVE: Petter Northug reveals plans to move. Reporter: Nora Skavhaug
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A secret relationship

Since the relationship with Nordtømme, there has been little romance for Northug – at least that the public has “picked up”. In the book, it appears that in 2015 he fell in love with a girl from Trøndelag, who was a few years younger than him.

The 2015 winter season was Northug’s “comeback” season after the previous year’s over-driving scandal. He won a total of four gold medals at the WC in Falun, which was a record. The skiing star was forgiven, and in Trondheim the stage was set for celebration. But the man sat next to Northug.

The day after the big celebration, the couple went on holiday.

Northug’s ex-girlfriend has not yet answered Se og hørs.

“At six o’clock the next morning, Petter and xx went to Gran Canaria, at twelve o’clock they stood in shorts in the sun. It felt positive with the sun and warmth on the body after basking in the snow for six months before.”

The relationship between Northug and the woman has never been made public, and the former did not say how long it lasted. This is also the preceding he mentioned the relationship.

It is not known if Northug is in a relationship today.

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