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Unlocking with facial recognition arrives on WhatsApp

Two important news are coming up WhatsApp: what biometric unlock with the face, that is the facial recognition of the user, and the possibility to participate at a later time in a call or group video call. Both new features were introduced in WhatsApp beta for Android.

It is not possible to know when one or both of these novelties will arrive in the definitive and stable app of the instant messaging service of the Facebook group, but it is clear that the WhatsApp engineers are working on it and it is equally clear that these are two novelties that would do happy users. Facial recognition, in fact, would offer a layer of safety in addition on many Android smartphones while the possibility of participating in calls already started would greatly increase the usefulness of WhatsApp and its competitiveness in the now crowded group of video calling app.

WhatsApp: the new unlock with the face

Already today WhatsApp offers biometric recognition as an option lock and unlock the app: going up Settings> Privacy> Fingerprint lock we can set a maximum time beyond which to access the app it is necessary to use the fingerprint.

This feature protects our privacy when, for example, we leave it smartphone unattended on a table in a public place. The fingerprint recognition, however, takes place at the operating system level and not at the app level and, what’s more, there are smartphones that do not have the sensor fingerprints but only use face reading as a biometric parameter for unlocking.

On these smartphones, therefore, today it is unable to block the app of WhatsApp. But it will be in the future if face recognition becomes a stable official app feature. At the moment, however, this feature was only introduced in the beta for Android and there is no news regarding the iOS app.

WhatsApp: join a missed video call

Another very useful function introduced in the beta of WhatsApp for Android is the possibility to participate in a video call or group audio call even at a later time. Self the call is still in progressin fact, it is now possible to enter by tapping on the missed call.

All this is very useful, because it puts WhatsApp on a par with the other video conferencing apps which, however, use a different system to achieve the same purpose: sending a link to the video call, on which the invited user can click to enter the call as long as it is still in progress.

On WhatsApp beta, however, the link is not there but accessing a group call that has already started is even easier. Furthermore, this feature for the Android app is paired with another that just appeared in the latest beta of WhatsApp Web: now also on WhatsApp for Web we can make calls and video calls.


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