Unne Medicine resumed face-to-face practices

Practical classes for students of the last years of Medicine, Kinesiology and Nursing careers resumed yesterday at the Faculty of Medicine of the Northeast National University (Unne). The activities are carried out in three available areas and under a strict biosafety protocol. Through social networks, the academic unit reported that the practices for the three careers were successfully resumed, in the spaces of the clinical simulation office of the faculty, in the Caps and the Saps; and in the call center of the field hospital. As detailed, the participants corresponded to the sixth year of Medicine, third and fifth of Nursing, and fifth of Kinesiology.

They also highlighted that during the past week the personal protective equipment was delivered to all those involved “to work with maximum security.”

Regarding the students who reside in other cities, Dean Omar Larroza had explained that “we created opportunities for internships in Chaco” and that the Camilo Muniagurria de Goya Hospital was also enabled.

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