Unprofessional games with foil and paint remover destroyed the Audi body

Nightmare project. That’s what DreamWraps employees in Newport, Kentucky, called the renovation of the first-generation Audi A5 coupe brought to the store by one of their customers. The car’s body was so destroyed that it was practically indistinguishable what the color of the car was originally.

Before the coupe arrived in Newport, it underwent unprofessional intervention. It should first be covered with a layer of plastic film. However, the temporary synthetic coating is removed mechanically. Instead, someone used a chemical remover on the car, leaving the car under tarpaulin for several days. In an effort to cover the damage, he covered the car with a second layer of synthetic foil, which can also be purchased in spray.

The company published pictures of the destroyed Audi on its Facebook and also added its current form. Even so, the creators stated that this is far from an example of a perfect result. The car was so damaged that it was impossible to get it back to perfect condition.

To cover the permanent scars, part of the body had to be “dressed” in pseudo-carbon foil. “It was such an attempt to save this Audi. When they brought him to us, it was destroyed in such a way that we had never seen anything like it, “said the company.

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