Unpublished: X-rays from Uranus identified for the first time

After a new analysis of existing data on observations of the planet in 2002 and 2017, a team of researchers noticed a statistically significant amount of X-rays coming from Uranus and finally concluded that the planet also emits them.

The study on this was published in the magazine JGR Space Physics.

The data that evidenced the emissions of this type of radiation from Uranus come from the Chandra X-ray space observatory, obtained by the advanced CCD imaging spectrometer (ACIS) on August 7, 2002 and by the high-resolution camera (HRC) on August 11. and on November 12, 2017.

The signs were very weakBut there they were, the scientists discovered.

“Interestingly, our calculations suggest that Uranus was producing more X-rays than it should if the planet was only scattering X-rays from the Sun.”, he pointed Affelia Wibisono, one of the authors of the study, who wonders if there are other processes at play and what they are.

Are the rings of Uranus fluorescent like those of Saturn? Or could this often forgotten world have X-ray auroras like Jupiter and Earth? ”He asks rhetorically.

Wibisono points out in proposing the possible causes of X-ray emissions from Uranus that to give a Final answer are needed more observations of the planet.


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