until July 31 it is possible to purchase useful hardware also for distance teaching hypotheses in September


With the 500 euro Teacher Card bonus, tenured teachers can purchase hardware, also in view of the possibility of maintaining, for secondary school, distance learning.

The Ministry has for some time now (since 11 March) increased the types of devices that can be purchased with the 500 euro bonus.

It’s about

  • personal computer
  • laptops or notebooks
  • handheld computers
  • e-book reader
  • Tablet
  • educational robotics tools

Until July 31 you can also buy

  • hardware devices aimed at professional updating also for
    organize remote teaching such as webcams and microphones, touch screen pens, scanners and portable hotspots.

It does not include: smartphones, partial components of electronic devices, such as toner cartridges, printers, USB sticks, video cameras, cameras and projectors.

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