Until Meladze sees, Brezhnev dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends

Faith is cheating on Costa already publicly, without embarrassment.

While Konstantin Meladze is completely busy promoting the members of the collapsed MBAND group and does not see what his wife Vera Brezhneva is doing, the singer certainly does not miss being alone. After a series of her recent publications, it became clear that in her free time from fulfilling marital duties, the ex-participant of “VIA Gra” dresses up in latex and kisses girlfriends.

In the video published by Brezhnev, it is noticeable that she chose a playful cat costume for herself, clearly intended for role-playing games in bed. It was in this form that Vera came to her friend’s birthday, who licked her cheek in one of the published videos. A kind of friendship! But it’s one thing if the singer did this quietly and secretly, but Vera, on the contrary, was not embarrassed by her adventures, and the series of videos of a piquant nature is like a slap in the face to her husband. However, even this seems a trifle in comparison with the adventures of Constantine himself.

In the family of the Meladze brothers, apparently, there is a rule that they must betray their wives. While the younger Valery does not appear at home with Dzhanabaeva, the elder cheats on Brezhneva with ward Erica Herceg. According to rumors, she had already managed to have a baby for her, and judging by Vera’s revenge, Kostya’s lawful wife found out about it.


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