UPA transfers to Labor the difficulties of the time register in the agricultural sector

The Royal Decree-law 8/2019, which entered into force last Sunday and which requires the registration of the working day, has generated doubts in various sectors, such as agriculture, whose particularities make the application of the regulation complicated.

The Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Rangers (UPA) has transferred this Thursday to the Ministry of Labor the difficulties involved in the mandatory hourly registration in the field sector, as reported in a statement.

In particular, the agrarian organization has transmitted to Labor representatives the need to find solutions and find proposals that make the norm acceptable so that "it does not become a headache" for farmers and ranchers.

From UPA do not question the need to comply with the rule, but consider that it must adapt to the reality of agricultural work, since the "field is not an office or a factory."

According to Work, the purpose of the standard is to have a reliable, transparent and agreed registration system. With these premises, any model that complies is valid. In any case, the Royal Decree itself establishes that if there are specific and verified problems, a sectoral debate can be held to analyze it and propose solutions.

The General Deputy Director of Normative Regulation of the Ministry of Labor, Consolacion Rodríguez Alba, has transferred to UPA its "understanding" regarding the doubts that the application of the registration is generating and has encouraged them to send them all the difficulties "that are being observed in the day to day ».

From UPA, they have requested to Labor an open line of information to resolve the doubts and special circumstances of the agricultural sector and they have called on the convening of a sectoral meeting to analyze the issues that arise. . (tagsToTranslate) record (t) working day (t)

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