Update New World – Full Patch – Reimbursement of Gold Coins and Harvesting Gear

A New World update is currently underway and should last around 3 hours. The game will therefore be up again around 11am this morning. If we expected a massive correction of bugs still present in the game, apparently it will not be, since this update focuses on a few very specific points. We take stock below.

November 24 Patch

  • Fixed an issue with the Ritual Quest, which prevented players from completing if the Heartgem Interaction was used before defeating Alastor.
  • Restoration of in-game harvester equipment
  • Speculative stability corrections
  • Some part refunds for specific issues

Part refunds

In view of recent player issues, we are also rolling out coin refunds to businesses and players potentially affected by these issues:

  • The Companies will receive a one-time refund for any declaration of war made since our November update 1.1.
  • Companies that own Territories will have a one-time refund for all Territory Stations that have been downgraded since our November 1.1 update.
  • Players will have a one-time refund of housing taxes paid since our update on November 1.1

Settlements should expect to be reimbursed once the downtime is over. Player coin refunds will take some time and will be completed by the end of the weekend.

In addition to the updated content which mainly relates to golds, New World also takes advantage of this patch to correct a problem with harvesting equipment. Indeed, in addition to the textures of certain areas that have disappeared (see our article on the subject), it turns out that the trainee has struck again (joke) and that the harvesting equipment has been removed from the game … Obviously, the teams of New World apologizes for the inconvenience and will fix this by returning these ingame items. A reward chest will also be provided to players who have had their harvesting equipment removed from their inventory, this will not be immediate, we will have to wait a bit to get this compensation, but it will be done.

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Find the full patchnote on the official website.

New World is currently available.

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