Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Upholded UCF must "look inward," says SEC commissioner

Central Florida has done everything possible to carve out a place in college football play-offs. Knights No. 8 have has won 25 consecutive games and consecutive titles at the American Athletics Conference. After losing star quarterback McKenzie Milton as a result of a leg injury, they beat Memphis, 56 to 41, in the conference championship game.

But are they in the playoffs? No they are not.

And South East Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey blamed this responsibility on UCF.

"I do not think there are necessarily simple solutions," said Sankey (via the Associated Press) about the Knights problem. "There are solutions. It will be necessary to evaluate their situation to make these decisions. My observation is that it is necessary to look inward. "

And that means watching the tight schedule of the UCF, which, to be fair, is lacking compared to other participants in the college football playoffs. Sankey recommended an approach similar to that adopted by the SEC to improve its stock of men's basketball: provide better teams without conference.

"When it was us and when it was men's basketball, we knew we had two teams in the top 50 in 2015-2016, which means you practically did not win the top 50 in men's basketball, "said Sankey. "How are you going to access these victories? You need to improve your non-conference schedule. "

But UCF Sports Director Danny White, who has already pleaded for a playoff extension, did not accept this argument. Only four teams play in the playoffs. In college basketball, the NCAA Tournament field has 68 teams.

The regular season of college basketball has more games than in college football. And off-conference football games are often organized years in advance. Basketball schedules are completed months before the start of the seasons.

"Basketball teams are rewarded for playing against tough teams such as UCF through parameters like RPI or NET, while football teams avoid us because they are concerned about the" eye test ", said White in a text message to Associated Press.

UCF is "willing to play any Power 6 program in the country," White said, replacing the AAC slogan with the conventional "Power 5".

"The challenge is that few people are willing to play against us," he said.

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