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“Upstart” from God! Bella Hadid puffed out her lips with Dior glitter

The experiment got out of hand.

A world-famous model every time falls into the mud with his face, but that one gets away with it. The name now works for Bella. Fundamental transformations, scandals with his sister, as well as depression do not cause public disgust. The girl now allows herself everything, and even advertising without extra efforts.

Dior has been cooperating with Bella for a long time, and during quarantine, in order not to leave the model hungry, he gave the task to advertise the brand’s cosmetics. And what would you think – the girl failed the task at maximum speed. The image of the beauty reminded the sellers of the times of the USSR – with bright arrows, crimson lips and greasy hair falling on her face. A frank outfit also repels, causing disgust – “upstart” from God – it would be worth calling this picture so. Hadid puffed out her “lips” with a sparkle from Dior, and it feels like she used New Dawn lipstick on a chubby mouth.

The “duck” effect is due to the radiance and contour around. You still need to know how to make such cheap makeup with expensive cosmetics – and so the model succeeded in this 100%.

Covers with Bella Hadid continue to go out, the girl was more fortunate than many who remained in quarantine without a penny of income. World-famous female models lost their contracts and business trips for the next six months. At the same time, Bella does not blow a mustache: she lives on a farm and dictates from there a “universal scale” fashion neither to the village, nor to the city, pacing in revealing outfits under a dirty robe.


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