US elections. Georgia officially approves Joe Biden’s win

On Friday, November 20, Georgia’s secretary Brad Raffensperger announced a message confirming Joe Biden’s victory in this state. Earlier, Raffensperger announced that he was approving the Democratic candidate’s win, and then his office revised the announcement.

Georgia state officials announced Biden’s win on Thursday after a manual recount. On Friday, the secretary of state was only supposed to formally approve the decision.

On Friday at At 12:26 local time, the Raffensperger office issued a communiqué saying that it “approved the results of the November 3 presidential election.” The secretary of state himself said the numbers did not lie.

However, at On June 13, his office released the following statement: “Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will confirm today the result of the November 3 presidential election.”

Later, agencies and the US media reported that Raffensperger’s website announced that he approved Biden’s election victory, who gained 12,670 votes in Georgia.

A representative from the Raffensperger team told CNN that the latest announcement by the Georgia Secretary of State was truthful and the election was approved.

According to CNN, President Donald Trump’s staff tried to block official approval of the election results, which is usually just a formality. The president is trying to change the election result by undermining the voting results in key states.

It will be impossible, explains CNN, if the states approve the results by December 8. Trump may stall by demanding another vote count in Georgia after the vote is approved due to Biden’s minimal advantage. Trump’s election staff may file such a request with the governor of Georgia by Tuesday afternoon.

Trump and his allies, including Georgia’s Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, accused Raffensperger of allowing election rigging. Raffensperger, their party colleague, flatly rejected these accusations.

He also defended the reliable conversion of votes at the second attempt. Before his office released the second communiqué on Friday, he said: “The numbers reflect the verdict of the voters, not the decision of the Secretary of State’s office or the courts or any of the (election) headquarters.”

Biden’s victory in Georgia is one of the biggest surprises of this year’s election. The Democrat has not won the presidential election here since 1992. However, the results from Georgia were not decisive in the context of the battle for the White House. Biden emerged victorious from key clashes in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and even without Georgia, he has over 270 electoral votes. And this number ensures the presidency.

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