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US President Donald Trump extends lockdown until the end of April

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Donald Trump

The US president actually wanted to open all shops again after Easter.

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Washington It was a farewell to the rapid exit: On Sunday evening, United States President Donald Trump extended the anti-corona recommendations of the White House until April 30. Trump is now saying goodbye to his hope expressed a few days ago that the nationwide restrictions on public life could already be lifted at Easter, i.e. on April 12.

But at Easter Trump is expecting the pandemic to peak in the United States. Deborah Birx, head of the Corona Task Force at the White House, expects the plague in the United States to fall victim to the extended ban “80,000 to 160,000, possibly 200,000,”.

The recommendations of the White House stipulate, among other things, that restaurants are only allowed to offer meals outside the home, accumulations of more than ten people are avoided and schools and offices are closed as far as possible. In numerous states particularly affected by the pandemic, such as California or New York, the governors have imposed far stricter rules, including curfews.

With the extension of the measures, Trump is responding to the concerns of numerous disease experts who warned that the measures would be eased too early. When asked whether the measures should be extended again after April 30, Trump replied: “We hope not.”

However, even after April 30, there should only be a gradual return to normality in the United States. On Thursday, Donald Trump outlined his exit scenario from the U.S. restrictions in a letter to state governors. Accordingly, he wants to use the increasing availability of tests to quickly divide the country into three risk zones.

Risk plan from May at the earliest

Depending on the prevalence of the virus, the approximately 3000 counties in the USA are to be classified as “high risk”, “medium risk” or “low risk”. Based on this classification, measures to contain the pandemic at county level should then be tightened, maintained or relaxed.

The White House is working on guidelines for this, Trump said in the letter to the governors, which, however, would have to be implemented by the individual states and local authorities.

This three-stage plan should be implemented from May at the earliest. “I hope that our country can return to normal in June,” said Trump on Sunday evening in the rose garden of the White House.

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