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US Secretary of State Suggests Communist Issues When Visiting Indonesia, Members of the House of Representatives Call Pompeo’s Talk Unworthy to Talk About: Questionable – All Pages

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Pompeo found a ‘new way’ to work with Indonesia

Gridhot.ID – The US Foreign Minister’s visit to Indonesia raised many questions for several parties.

Even members of the House of Representatives to question Pompeo’s words while in Indonesia.

Member of Commission I DPR Faction PDIP TB Hasanuddin said it was inappropriate for the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about other country’s issues.

Moreover, Hasanuddin said, in Indonesia Pompeo had touched on the issue Communist who are being the pros and cons in the country.

“I question why Pomeo touched on the issue Communist.”

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“Even though in his home country in the US, communism is no longer a political issue. What is it?” He asked.

He stressed that throwing issues without clear arguments will only cause anxiety among Indonesian people.

Working together in the economic sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he thinks it will be more beneficial for the lives of both countries.

“It is questionable what Pompeo meant to address the communist issue. On what basis? “

Hasanuddin appealed to the Indonesian people not to be easily fooled by siding with one of the opposing blocks or countries.

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“Indonesia is consistent and consistent with the principle of a free and active foreign policy,” he said.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party to all religions, at the Ansor GP event, Thursday (29/10/2020).

Mike Pompeo called the Chinese Communist Party one of the biggest threats to religious freedom in the future.

He conveyed this when giving a speech in front of representatives of Islamic organizations in Indonesia at the forum held by the Ansor Youth Movement (GP), Thursday (29/10/2020).

Pompeo initially called on all religious leaders to continue to defend human rights in terms of religious freedom.

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Because, there are governments in this world that violate these rights.

He gave an example of the violations committed by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya ethnicity and the Iranian government against minority groups in the country.

Nevertheless, Pompeo stressed that the greatest threat to religious freedom of all came from the Chinese Communist Party.

“But the fact that the biggest threat to religious freedom is the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party on all people from religious groups,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo judged that the Chinese Communist Party based on atheism has oppressed all sections of society from any religion all this time.

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Both Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions.

He gave an example that the Chinese Communist Party wants to convince the world that the brutal actions carried out against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang are anti-terrorism and poverty alleviation measures.

“But we all know that there is no countermeasures against terrorism that justifies and forces Muslims in Uighurs to eat pork during Ramadan,” he explained.

Pompeo also said the Chinese Communist Party had taken many Uighur Muslim children from their parents over the years.

According to him, this is not part of the poverty alleviation program.

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Pompeo went on to say that many Chinese Communist Party officials were trying to convince Indonesia to turn away from the brutal incident.

According to him, the Chinese Communist Party officials turned many narratives by showing life in Uighur to be more modern and prosperous.

“Look inside your heart, look at the facts, listen to the stories of survivors and their families,” said Pompeo.

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