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US Threatened, China Increases Nuclear Weapons


China has reportedly increased its nuclear arsenal because it feels threatened by the United States. Photo/REUTERS

BEIJING China has accelerated efforts to improve its nuclear arsenal because Beijing is deeply concerned about the threat posed by United States of America (USA) .

Newspaper Wall Street Journal (WSJ), on Sunday (10/4/2022), reported that the Chinese leadership made a strategic decision to strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrence long before the current conflict in Ukraine.

However, recent events in Europe, as well as increasingly confrontational rhetoric between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan, have prompted an acceleration of the program.

Report WSJ it is based on information obtained from ordinary anonymous sources who work with various agencies involved in security issues in China.

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As further evidence of the American newspaper’s claim, the report also cites satellite imagery of more than 100 suspected missile silos in one of China’s western regions, where increased activity has been detected.

The newspaper suspected that the facility could house China’s new DF-41 long-range missile, which entered service in 2020.

That type of missile, according to reports WSJ, It can carry a nuclear warhead and is capable of reaching the US mainland.

Report WSJ claims that the Chinese government does not yet see expanding its nuclear weapons capabilities as the country’s top priority, given that such weapons have little value in most local and conventional wars.

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