US troops cross into Iraq from Syria


Vehicles travel by road in Raqqa, Syria October 20, 2019 in this image taken from a video. The video was taken October 20, 2019. Syrian TV through REUTERS

DOHUK, Iraq (Reuters) – US troops joined Iraq from Syria through Sahela border crossing in the northern province of Dohuk, Reuters Witnesses said Monday.

Reuters video images showed armored vehicles that brought troops into Iraq, part of the withdrawal from Syria. A Reuters camera man saw more than 100 vehicles crossing.

Kurdish's Iraqi security source also told Reuters that US troops crossed into the Kurdistan semi-autonomous region in Iraq.

Approximately 30 trailers and Hummers carrying heavier duty equipment, with troops in cars passing through, were added to the source. A second security source in Mosul also said that US troops crossed into Iraq from Sahela.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Saturday that almost 1,000 soldiers who withdraw from Syria to Western Iraq are expected to continue the campaign against Islamic State militants and “to help protect Iraq”.

On Thursday, Turkey agreed with talks with US Vice President Mike Pence that a five-day break in offenses in Northeast Syria to give time to the Kurdish fighters to withdraw from a “safe zone”. Ankara has set up Syria close to its border.

The aim of the ceasefire was to stimulate a crisis which prompted the sudden decision by President Donald Trump this month to withdraw 1,000 US troops from northern Syria, criticizing Washington and elsewhere for allies Kurdish 's faithful fight for years with US troops against Islamic States.

Reporting by Kawa Omar; Additional reporting by Raya Jalabi in Erbil and Jamal Badrani in Mosul; Ahmed Aboulenein wrote; Edited by Clarence Fernandez

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