USA. A manual vote count in Georgia confirmed Biden’s win. “Another Failure of Trump” | News from the world

In Georgia, 5 million votes cast in elections presidential. Several irregularities were found during the audit – the most serious one took place in Republican County Floyd, where 2,600 previously untapped ballots were found. The neglected head of the local electoral commission was dismissed. In three other counties, some of the votes were not loaded from the memory cards into the computers. In two of them, Donald won TrumpJoe in one Biden.

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US elections. Biden wins after Georgia recount

However, state officials said that in the vast majority of counties, deviations from the original results were minimal – did not exceed five hundredths of a percent. There were also no irregularities in the functioning of devices and software used by election commissions. Joe Biden won – just like the first count.

– The final result is what we expected. This result is correct and accurate. It has been confirmed that we held free and fair elections in Georgia, said the head of the state election commission, Gabriel Sterling.

He commented on the information about the recalculation of votes Joe Bidenwho criticized Trump for accusing him of electoral fraud and refusing to hand over power. – Trump is the most irresponsible President in American history. Negating the election results is completely irresponsible, there is a terrible message around the world about what kind of country we are, he said, quoted by the AP agency.

“Trump has lost Georgia a second time,” “Trump’s next failure,” they comment American media. Meanwhile, the American president does not give up and continues to tweet entries in which he suggests that a forgery has occurred.

Announcement of the audit results was delayed as the Republican Party elector filed a lawsuit claiming electoral fraud and requested that formal approval of the results be blocked. Federal judge Steven Grimberg found the request unfounded and its filing “astonishing”. Judge Grimberg was nominated to this position by President Trump.

Since in Georgia the difference between the candidates does not exceed half a percent, after the formal certification of the election results in this state, Donald Trump will still have the right to another, this time machine-counting of votes. It is not known whether the US president will exercise this right.

The counting of votes in the US is still ongoing – the results so far show that Joe Biden already has 306 electoral votes, which ensure him a victory.

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