Usa, Fauci sounds the alarm: “Disturbing increase in infections. There is a risk of a new wave as in Europe”

From the end of March i contagion they began to increase, and on Wednesday they exceeded 61 thousand. And nearly half of all new covid cases in Usa (44%) come from just five states: New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The phase that the United States with the relative increase in positives, explains the virologist and the leading American expert on infectious diseases Anthony Fauci, “Has reached a level in the last few days disturbing e alarming“, And the country is seriously in danger of a new wave. “It is almost a race between vaccinating as many people as possible and a new leap in infections worse than expected by experts”, added Fauci in an interview with Cnn. Just yesterday the president Joe Biden he declared that all Americans will be vaccinated by April 19, bringing the deadline forward by two weeks. So far they have been administered 171 million doses and 64.4 million people, or 19.6% of the population, have so far been vaccinated.

Fauci further added that Europe is experiencing a peak very similar to what experts fear for Usa and to counter the variant first identified in UK, now dominant in country North American, urged the Americans to get vaccinated and respect the anti-contagion measures: “Hold on a little longer. This is not the time, as I have said many times, to declare victory prematurely ”.

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The increase in cases increases the pressure on federal government to consider modifying the way the vaccines, sending more doses in the “hot” areas, and in particular in the five states that are now experiencing a greater spread of the infection. For the past seven days New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have recorded, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, almost 197,500 new cases, compared to over 452 thousand contagion in all States United. The peak it is particularly pronounced in Michigan, where the weekly average of new infections per day reached 6,719 cases Sunday, more than twice as much as two weeks earlier. The democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, however, he said he does not intend to tighten up restrictions.

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