USA: New fatal accident of a Tesla in autopilot

The worries multiply for the car manufacturer Tesla. After the fire of several cars in recent weeks, a car stuck on the guardrails of the A 404 in France, the Autopilot, the autopilot system, a Model 3 is again questioned in a fatal accident in the United States. This is the third fatal accident involving this system.

In early March, the electric sedan collided with a semi-trailer on a road in Delray Beach, Florida. According to the CCTV cameras, the trailer was coming off the ramp of a four-lane road and barred the road to Model 3. It was then tucked into it. The speed was limited to 88 km / h but the Model 3 to just over 109 km / h. The driver in his fifties is dead.

Telsa tries to reassure

According to the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the autopilot system was activated. The system did not detect the presence of the driver's hands on the steering wheel within a period of less than eight seconds prior to the accident.

Tesla was quick to react. According to the automaker, Tesla car drivers "have already swallowed more than a billion miles with Autopilot enabled and our data shows that, if used properly by an attentive driver, ready to take back control of the car at all At the moment, drivers using Autopilot are safer than those driving without driving assistance. And remind drivers that they must remain alert even when this software is activated.

More anecdotal, a Tesla was found, Thursday, in an unusual position posed on a guardrail on the highway A 404 in the direction Bourg / Oyonnax. According to the Gendarmerie Ain, the landing was smooth and the driver was not injured.

Still in this blacklist, Tesla decided to update the Model S and Model X after the fire of several cars that were parked. After investigation, it appeared that several cells in the battery caught fire. "We continue to investigate and, with the utmost care, we review the load and temperature management parameters on the Model S and Model X. The update launched remotely today will allow us to better protect the battery and improve its long-term durability, "Tesla said.

These incidents come as the Tesla brand founded by the whimsical Elon Musk sees many of its leaders leave and will be forced to reduce its costs.

After raising 2.3 billion euros via a share issue to obtain liquidity, Elon Musk in an internal mail announced to his employees that it was necessary to tighten the strings of finance. According to him, the net proceeds of this call for funds gives the builder only ten months to reach equilibrium if the expenses continued at the same rate as in the first quarter.

"That's why, in the future, any expense whatsoever in the world, including spare parts, wages, travel expenses, rent, literally any payment that comes out of our bank account must be examined, "he warned. The group has already reduced its workforce by 9% in June 2018.

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