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USA: smvn vyhroovn – Invisible dog

US President Joe Biden has made a big announcement that the time for detail in Russia has ended. It happened several days after he agreed to extend the START 2 agreement, which Russia is violating.

I told President Putin in a very different way, not as my predecessor did, that the days of the USA’s submission to Russia’s aggression, its inclusion in our elections, the cyber flow, the end of the citizen, are over. We will not hesitate to let Russia pay for it and defend the life of our citizens, Biden said of his conversation with the Russian president …. well, Biden will announce the best soup of the USA, but he added that if it is in the American sense, USA cooperate. Let us face economic incursions, we will try to arm ourselves in human rights and intellectual property. But we are willing to cooperate with Beijing when it will be in the US, said the president.

Biden’s threat to Russia is especially evident because, almost immediately after joining the Blho House, he concluded the extension of the START 2 agreement. Biden did not say a word about it, which means that there is no breach of agreement by Russia for him and the Democratic Party. So, unlike Trump’s policy, if the Biden administration fights Russia according to how it quietly and without much publicity concluded an agreement with it to extend the START 2 treaties, these are just words.

It is interesting that it is also underestimated. It is the result of a change in the long world. Trump tried to eliminate its influence on the US economy by excluding tariffs on imports. However, it did not reach the end of the agreements, because the elections approached and Trump ended up in the series. If Biden wanted to abolish tariffs on imports from it, it would be the exact counter-movement that would shake up the verticality of the American economy in Germany. So keep the duties in force. In addition, after concluding an agreement between the US and Arab emirts on the supply of weapons, Trump abolished the reciprocal duty on imported clay. Biden reinstated this duty. It turns out that his administration will be visible to his allies in the Arab world. At the same time, the eye has cooled in US-Israeli relations.

And I end up positive. The Biden administration took power in the United States, the number of newly infected decreased in the USA by 45% and in the world by 30%. Well, come on, it’s for the Nobel Prize in Health!

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