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The United States government will include Venezuela on the list of countries that promote terrorism, which allows him to apply to the Nicolás Maduro regime a series of sanctions even tougher than those that are already standing, as revealed by CNN, citing administration sources. Only North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria are currently in that group.

It is the State Department, diplomacy, which includes certain countries in this list, according to cwith three laws that regulate this regime. This step allows the President to cut aid, a ban on the sale of military equipment, and other tough financial restrictions. Cuba was on that list until the previous government, Barack Obama, withdrew it in 2016.

The most relevant thing is that with the inclusion in this list, those who do business with the regime Venezuelan. It is true that the sanctions applied so far have greatly hindered trade between the United States. and Venezuela, but there are some oil companies in the latter country that are collecting debt.

This decision may affect, as in the case of Iran, companies from partner countries of the USA. let them do business with the sanctioned country, as is the case with Repsol.

It is not clear from what specific crimes It is attributed to the regime, but the CNN chain, which has spoken to senior officials who are aware of that decision, assures that the decision is related to drug trafficking.

The Attorney General (Minister of Justice) William Barr He plans to announce the decision at a press conference that will take place this Thursday.

According to those same sources, the Justice department will also present criminal charges against Maduro himself and other hierarchs of the regime.


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