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Usher Women’s Story at GIIAS 2021, One Day Paid IDR 1 Million Pages all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS 2021) is not only a driving force for the automotive industry, but also a source of income for certain parties, such as women who work as carpenters. usher.

Usher themselves are women who usually stand next to motorized vehicles during automotive exhibitions. Their duties are like receiving guests as well as giving brief information.

Unlike SPG or sales promotion girl whose job is to provide detailed information to the calculation of the purchase price of a particular vehicle.

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KOMPAS.com/STANLY RAVEL The crowd at GIIAS 2021

So, what is their story during the GIIAS 2021 event which has lasted for nine days? Moreover, the exhibition has been absent for the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Found by Kompas.com, one usher from Audi Indonesia, Annisa, admitted that the current event felt strange and foreign. Because, there are new rules that follow health protocols.

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“Among them, you have to wear a mask and keep your distance. In the past, all faces were visible, so something was strange. Maybe that’s one of the things that Miss GIIAS 2021 will no longer exist,” he said, Saturday (20/11/2021).

“Then now there’s no entertainment like dance or live music. So it’s really something new and a bit foreign to me,” he continued.

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Nyndi, the stylish Wuling Motors usher alongside Wuling AlmazKOMPAS.com/Ruly Nyndi, the stylish Wuling Motors usher alongside Wuling Almaz

A similar feeling was also experienced by the usher of Wuling Motors, Nyndi. According to him, the use of masks and social distancing during the exhibition made it difficult to communicate with visitors.

“The volume of the voice must be raised a little. But fortunately it’s not too crowded like the previous exhibitions. Then if you want to take photos, it’s just so simple because you can’t take off the mask,” he said.

But fortunately, every day all ushers are not required to do a swap test or PCR. Health tests are only carried out when you first want to attend an exhibition as a usher, the rest are encouraged to always apply health protocols.

However, they are grateful that the auto show can be held again. Because when it is suspended for one year, the income of the usher is reduced which in turn has an impact on expenses.

Like Annisa, for example, she admitted that before or during the pre-covid-19 pandemic, as a freelancer in one week there were 3-4 events. But since 2020 all related events cannot be held, including GIIAS.

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Daihatsu GIIAS 2021ADM Daihatsu GIIAS 2021

“Regarding daily income, I think it’s Rp 1.5 million. Compared to the previous year, there was a reduction, but I’m still grateful because there has been a re-entry,” he said.

He earns this income by working shifts of up to seven hours a day divided by two ushers.

“Last year we were one shift only four hours. Currently, from 12 to 5 pm, then Friday-Saturday-Sunday until 20.00 WIB, the working hours are longer,” Annisa continued.

On a separate occasion, Nyndi also admitted to getting a similar income range. But the duration of his work is longer with 2-3 times a week off.

“There are no shifts here, all day long but there are holidays 2-3 times a week. On average, you can get Rp. 1 million a day, it’s still closed,” he said.

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Annisa, usher Audi Indonesia at GIIAS 2021KOMPAS.com/Ruly Annisa, usher Audi Indonesia at GIIAS 2021

Due to the current conditions, they hope that the GIIAS 2022 exhibition will be better by providing additional entertainment as in previous years so that it is not monotonous.

In addition, of course the matter of daily wages. Hopefully, it can return to normal soon with the duration of working hours that adjusts.

“I want it to be like before, yes, for the situation at the exhibition and the income. Now it’s complicated, until there are visiting hours,” said Nyndi.

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