Using your phone while driving may soon cost you your license


Against the use of the mobile phone while driving, the government is moving up a gear. Monday morning, on Europe 1, the interministerial delegate for road safety Emmanuel Barbe has shone the spotlight on an article of the law of orientation of the mobilities (LOM), about to be adopted in the coming weeks.

This article, which tackles driving at risk driving, allows the suspension of the driver's license in case of offense committed at the same time as the use of his mobile phone. Biting a white line or grilling a stop because of an urgent call will expose drivers to the temporary withdrawal of their license.

The risk of accident multiplied by three

"The idea is really to break the feet of the recalcitrant," assumes Emmanuel Barbe. "We do not want to deprive anyone of their license for months," he said. The goal of road safety is that more people can ride. "By overwhelming addicted drivers to their cell phones, the government intends to convince those who are not afraid of the ticket.

"A telephone communication triples the risk of an accident," says the national interdepartmental road safety observatory (ONISR) whose latest figures on the issue go back to 2017. However, ignore the solicitations of his mobile phone remains difficult for Many drivers: 70% of drivers agree to use the phone while driving, according to the barometer Axa Prevention published in June.

For the moment, the suspension of the license is reserved only for cases of drunk driving, drug use and speeding exceeding 40 km / h. A driver who uses his phone or headphones while driving incurs a fixed fine of 135 euros and a three-point withdrawal from the driving license. In case of multiple offenses, the penalties add up.

A decree in September

The measure announced by Emmanuel Barbe, in addition to this already salty note, was announced in January 2018 by the Interdepartmental Committee on Road Safety (IRB), which planned its application in 2019. According to our information, it should be set up by decree at the start of the school year.

"This will help motorists to realize that without their phone, they probably would not have committed the offense," said Anne Lavaud, General Delegate of the association Prevention Road. If she hopes the law enforcement agencies will demonstrate roadside pedagogy, she would like to go further by emphasizing this point during the training of young drivers. Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of 40 Million motorists, is of the same opinion: "It is necessary to experiment the situation on simulator, in the driving schools. Sanctioning is ephemeral. To convince is definitive. "


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