Utkin ridiculed the Russians who called the parasites Shalimov

Utkin drew attention to the fact that such a tough statement was made by a person who receives about half a million dollars a year, while his team shows the worst result in the national championship.

“I trained the last place for half a lemon of green (plus or minus), and someone else was a parasite. In a clean last place. Solely. This is success, ”Utkin wrote in his telegram channel.

The blogger also noted with irony that Shalimov’s “success” definitely gives him the right to call those around him parasites.

Recall that Shalimov earlier in his Instagram stated that Russians should not criticize the state for insufficient support, because, according to the trainer, they have everything to earn. According to him, those who “aches” because of lack of money live better than homeless people, they should not be helped. Shalimov advised these people to change their profession, rather than complain about a difficult situation.

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