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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Main Lecturer at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Nasrudin, assessed this Work Creation Act will make it easier for investors to invest and increase the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises ( UMKM).

“(The existence of the Job Creation Law) is in order to foster the wider MSME sector and also to increase investment and business growth and development in Indonesia which in the end can absorb quite a lot of labor,” Nasrudin said. Among, Saturday (17/10/2020).

According to him, currently many investors from abroad are reluctant to invest in Indonesia due to various kinds of obstacles, especially regarding licensing.

Through this law, he said, the government is trying to facilitate business licensing by cutting various bureaucratic flows that have been making it difficult for investors.

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With the increasingly concise licensing process, it is hoped that it will invite many investors to invest modal in the Homeland.

“We can change various kinds of business licenses and with this business license, applicants or perpetrators no longer need to face bureaucrats but can directly apply online,” said Nasrudin.

Modal minimum set up PT IDR 50 million

Furthermore, Nasrudin also said that the Job Creation Law also helped the growth and development of MSMEs. One of them is through regulations regarding the establishment of individual PTs.

“One of the efforts is that MSMEs can establish individual PTs. So far, PTs have been established by at least two people with a minimum capital of Rp 50 million. But with this law, MSMEs can form individual PTs and with capital according to their capabilities,” he said.

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If it is in the form of PT, then the SMEs have access to obtain business capital loans from banking.

In addition, he continued, with a legal entity, it was easier for MSMEs to export their manufactured goods to foreign countries.

“With this legal entity form, if MSMEs have products that can be exported, they can directly deal with importers from destination countries,” said Nasrudin.

“So far, he has had to use someone else’s legal entity, now he can use his own legal entity to negotiate or transact with importers abroad,” he said.

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He added that the Job Creation Law also accommodates the needs of MSMEs in running a business in toll road rest areas.

“So far, the rest area does not exist or is very limited or there is very little opportunity for MSMEs to open a business, then with the amendment of the Toll Road Law in the rest area, 30 percent of the rest area will be provided for MSMEs,” said Nasrudin.

Nasrudin expressed his hope that with the various facilities regulated in the Job Creation Law, it could improve the community’s economy which in the end could absorb labor through the emergence of new MSMEs.

For information, the ease of establishing a PT will be carried out by making changes to several provisions of Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies, which are regulated in the Omnibus Law CHAPTER VI Ease of Doing Business Part Four concerning Limited Liability Companies.

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Several provisions in Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia of 2007 Number 40, Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4756) are amended, “as quoted from the Draft Bill Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja.

Some points that make it easier for small and micro business actors include, there is no longer a minimum limit of two people to establish PT.

This provision is contained in Article 7 paragraph 7C which states, the provisions that require the Company to be established by persons or more do not apply to companies that meet the criteria for micro and small businesses.

In addition, MSME players are no longer charged the cost of establishing PT. In fact, under the current regulations, the minimum cost for establishing a micro and small PT is Rp 50 million.

Companies for micro and small businesses are exempt from all costs related to the establishment of a legal entity,“The sound of Article 153J paragraph 1.

Furthermore, MSME actors no longer need to report notaries to form a PT. The business actors only need to register the PT permit with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

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