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Vaccinating positively, without knowing it: what science says

Rome – Who knows how many people, in Italy and in the world, have been vaccinated with the first, second or third dose of the anti Covid vaccine without knowing they are positive, because they are asymptomatic at the time of the injection. Some have never discovered that they already have the virus circulating in their body (perhaps attributing fever, joint pain, weakness and cough to a post-vaccination reaction) or have discovered it only days later, when they developed symptoms and found positivity on the swab. The reactions to these serums, to their efficacy as well as to their impact on the organism, are very individual: the possibility of the simultaneous “double dose” of antibodies (from vaccines and viruses) has not yet been investigated with sufficient time and methods because the answers provided deserve the 100% scientific seal. It is precisely due to the lack of literature on the subject that there is no indication to do a nasopharyngeal swab before getting vaccinated.

On some points, however, there is agreement in the scientific community and, pending further findings, medicine reassures those who fear hemorrhages, thrombosis or other side effects due to a mix of dose and virus. In the meantime, it must be said that the two antibody responses are different and the release of vaccine antibodies occurs about 15 days after administration, so there would also be time to negativize in the meantime or to have in any case averted the serious effects of the disease. “Even if the Omicron variant is very contagious and particularly paucisymptomatic – explains Massimo Andreoni, head of infectious disease at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit) – it has already happened in the past that someone got vaccinated. and then soon after discovering that he is positive for Covid-19 or has manifested the symptoms of the disease “.

There is “no risk”, he argues, indeed it could provide the person with better defenses “because the immune stimulation of the vaccine is slower than the current infection, so the body is stimulated even more to defend itself from the disease: we could at the most say that it is a useless vaccination, but not dangerous “. This regardless of whether one is vaccinated from positive asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, age and dose taken (first, second or booster). for Prof. Mauro Minelli, immunologist and head of the Foundation for personalized medicine for Southern Italy, “there are no reasons for concern for those who should receive the vaccine not knowing they are positive for the virus, as they are neither described nor are conceptually conceivable, particular contraindications to this condition “; however, underlining the importance of individual health conditions regarding the immune system, concomitant diseases or, for example, the and ongoing drug therapies.

The situation is different if the symptoms are severe, before taking the dose: in that case the patient could hardly go or be allowed to enter a hub and – although it is never “appropriate to do any vaccination if you are not in perfect physical shape , you have a fever or in any case a condition of malaise “- it would be good to take a swab, but not so much for the vaccine problem as to avoid the risk of infecting other people. If you develop severe symptoms at the dose, you must first ascertain – by means of a swab – that it is not a temporary reaction to the serum (which can also occur after a few days). If it is positive, it is likely that the intensity of the symptoms is due to the time elapsed from the second dose, more than 5/6 months.


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