Vaccination against covid has saved about 63,000 elderly people, according to study

Research carried out by UFPel (Federal University of Pelotas) says that around 63,000 lives of people aged 60 years and over were saved in Brazil because of vaccination against covid-19. The study was released on Sunday (11.Jun.2021) by Fantastic, gives TV Globo. Here is the full (253 KB).

According to the 1st version of the research, vaccination had already saved about 40 thousand lives of elderly people over 70 years old. The study update, which included the 60-69 year-old age group, said the immunization had saved a total of 62,955 lives.

According to the analysis, this number is “probably an underestimate”, because it does not take into account lives saved among other priority groups for vaccination, such as health professionals and indigenous populations, who were also vaccinated at the beginning of the application of the PNI (National Immunization Plan).

According to the researchers, the covid-19 mortality rate after the application of the two doses of the vaccine is 0.02%. Also according to the survey, the data does not indicate a vaccine failure.

Coronavac was responsible for the majority of vaccinations in the age group 80 and older, who were immunized in January and February, while AstraZeneca is responsible for the majority of recent doses.

In an interview with Fantastic, the epidemiologist at UFPel, Cesar Victora, said that, because of the low percentage of Brazilians vaccinated with two doses or with single-dose vaccines, such as Janssen, the variants of the coronavirus are able to “dribble” the immunizing ones.

In Brazil, 30,675,030 people completed the vaccination schedule against covid-19, that is, they took the 2nd dose or the single dose of vaccines and are immunized. The number represents 14.49% of the population.

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Elderly are already less than 1/3 of hospitalized

June 2021 was the month with the lowest percentage of elderly people admitted to ICUs (Intensive Care Unit) by covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. People aged 60 years and over accounted for less than 1/3 of hospitalizations recorded in the period, according to a survey by Poder360.

In December 2020, before vaccination, the age group corresponded to 64.4% of hospitalized patients. With application of immunizing agents, the age group of people between 30 and 59 years old is the most present in covid ICUs. The group represents 63.9% of hospitalized patients.

In June, it was possible to see a downward trend in the absolute number of hospitalizations. Despite the setback, the level of the month is higher than any month in 2020.

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