Vaccination Constraints in DKI Due to Inequality in the Number of Vaccines and Vaccine Recipients – Target number of residents of DKI Jakarta being vaccinated experiences a heavy burden due to the imbalance in the number of vaccinators and vaccine recipients. The target of vaccine recipients in Jakarta is 3 million people, but the number of trained vaccinators is around 6 thousand people.

“So if you look at the number of vaccination personnel with the vaccination target, it does require an increase in the number of vaccination personnel (vaccinators),” said Head of Section of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Verry Adrian in an Alodokter press conference, Wednesday (7/4).

Verry said, in fact, there are more than 30,000 potential health workers to become Covid-19 vaccinators. However, it decreased after the training process to filter the readiness and competence of the vaccinators.

Adding to Verry’s statement, Head of the DKI Jakarta Puslatkesda, Nisma Hiddin said that training for Covid-19 vaccinator candidates was important considering this condition was new. Although the vaccination process against other diseases has been carried out before the pandemic.

However, this is important because there are technical instructions (Juknis) provided by the Ministry of Health as a guide in carrying out the Covid-19 vaccination program.

“This training is very important in order to know exactly what technical guidelines are given by the Ministry of Health which health workers must do,” said Nisma.

On a previous occasion, Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, stated that there were a number of obstacles that made the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination in the capital city not yet reaching the target.

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One of them is the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine which requires time from the central government to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

“Indeed, our problem at the beginning of the arrival of this vaccine needed time to take steps,” said Riza at City Hall, Central Jakarta, Monday (5/4).

Then, he added, the vaccination process takes time to prepare human resources (HR) for the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination. Because vaccinations are carried out in existing health facilities.

“Then the data collection of potential vaccine recipients was also problematic,” he explained.

Even so, Riza is optimistic that the target of 3 million capital residents to receive the Covid-19 vaccination can be fulfilled. According to him, the target population will be the number of vaccination recipients per day. (mdk/fik)

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