Vaccine should cost less than ten euros per dose

Dhe future corona vaccine of the pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and GSK is said to cost less than ten euros per vaccine dose. Since states are willing to share the financial risks of vaccine manufacturers, it is possible to keep prices “as low as possible”, said the president of Sanofi in France, Olivier Bogillot, the broadcaster France Inter. Sanofi is working with the British company GSK on corona vaccine development.

The British-Swedish competitor Astra Zeneca had for its potential vaccine announced a price of around 2.50 euros per dose. Bogillot explained the difference with the fact that Astra Zeneca had largely outsourced production. Sanofi, on the other hand, only develops and produces the vaccine with its own researchers and at its own locations.

France and Europe will receive the vaccine at the same time as the United States and Britain, according to Bogillot. About 100 million doses are planned for the United States, 300 million for Europe and 60 million for Great Britain.


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