Vaccines: Lavevaz (Vda), regional platform is working – Valle d’Aosta

‘Can handle larger vaccination flow’


“Right now, the regional Covid vaccine booking platform is working well and the references we have are such as to believe that everything can continue with the structure created so far”. This is what the president of the Valle d’Aosta Region declares, Erik Lavevaz, in relation to the hypothesis of a national centralization of the booking system.
“Valle d’Aosta has equipped itself with a platform designed to manage a more consistent flow of vaccinations than the current one: we have made a large investment in organizing the vaccination campaign, with a collective effort of different subjects starting from the Department and by the USL company “, adds Lavevaz. “We believe we are ready to manage larger numbers of vaccinations, – he explains – with the collaboration of all citizens, to minimize the time needed to achieve immunization of the Aosta Valley population”. With 19,196 inoculated doses out of 20,450 received, the Aosta Valley is the first Italian region with 93.9 percent of administrations compared to deliveries, according to the report of the Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 extraordinary commissioner.