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Václav Neckář, his life and songs

Václav Neckář has been one of the most popular Czech singers for more than half a century and has many famous songs that have been at the top of the charts. The biggest hits include, for example, Lékořice, Who enters your dreams, my love or Mademoiselle Giselle.

Big comeback

Václav Neckář enjoyed life and film roles as well as a singing career, became the father of his son and had a happy marriage. Fate dealt him a great blow in 2002, when he survived a stroke, after which he had to learn some words and phrases again, including the lyrics of his songs. But he managed to come back! The year 2015 was also sad for him, when his wife left – the love of his life, which helped him with convalescence.

Today, it is clear that Václav Neckář can deal with life and enjoys every performance to the fullest. And what do you know about him? Take our test.

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