Valentino Rosi becomes infected with “Covid-19” and will not start in Aragon – Motor sports –

MotoGP has introduced strict requirements to avoid the spread of the virus as much as possible, but some of the participants in the championship have become infected. One of them is Moto2 rider Jorge Martins, who missed two stages on the Misano track last month.

Rosi has reported Covid-19 in her Instagram account. After arriving in Aragon, he woke up in the morning feeling unwell, the first test being negative and the second revealing the presence of the disease.

“Unfortunately, getting up in the morning didn’t make me feel good,” Rosi said. “I had ‘broken’ bones and had flu-like symptoms, so I immediately called a doctor who took the test twice. The quick test was negative, as was the test I did on Tuesday. The second test, which I got around 4:00 p.m. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed that I would not be able to start the race. although the test on Tuesday was negative, I have been living in isolation since I arrived from Le Mans. “

One week ago, the Covid-19 virus was detected in six employees of the Yamaha team represented by Rosi, who were forced to stay in Andorra.

Rosi is not fighting for the title this year. He has experienced withdrawal in the last three stages and is only 13th in the overall standings. In only one of the completed stages, the Italian has climbed the podium, but has never won.

Although the team has not yet announced whether anyone else will start in place of Rosi, the opportunity could be given to team test driver Horh Lorenzo.

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