valery fernndez The injury has been hard because it has helped me to grow as a person

? Another Tuesday, a player from the first team of Girona answered the questions of the fans through the Instagram account of the club. The chosen one, yesterday, was Valery Fernández from Escala. While admitting that the confimanet is being “hardened”, he explained that he spends his time “reading mystery novels, watching series, playing FIFA or playing board games with my brothers”. He encouraged everyone to be “strong and responsible” in the face of the current scenario of the coronavirus pandemic, although he showed his desire to return to the field “soon”. Right where it shone last season. He played more than 20 official matches in his first experience in the elite. “It was a very important season and I had a lot of happy moments. I wanted to take this opportunity to settle down for good, “he said, recalling the serious injury he suffered in the summer:” It was a very hard and difficult time. ” The months that have passed without being able to help “have helped me to grow as a person and to be stronger mentally, while I have valued many other aspects of life.”


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