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Valorant starts with great hype on Twitch

Today, Friday, April 3rd, the next big thing will be featured on Twitch. It is the team shooter Valorant from Riot Games: Everything seems to be planned so that the next hype after Fortnite and CoD Warzone and the plan works.

That is clearly the plan: Everything currently suggests that Riot Games is planning to make its new team shooter Valorant the “next big hype game”. They seem to have been working covertly over the past few weeks preparing everything to get this avalanche rolling that is about to start today.

This is planned at Valorant: Tonight at 7 p.m. Valorant is launching on Twitch with 5 pre-recorded matches between some of the world’s greatest Twitch streamers.

That happens with “Twitch Rivals”, the streaming platform’s own hype format.

cod warzone summit1g more titles
Summit1g is currently one of the hottest streamers on Twitch.

3 of the 10 largest Twitch streamers in the world invited

The name of the 50 invited streamers shows which plan Riot Games is pursuing and which target group they want to reach with Valorant:

  • Summit1G (No. 3 on Twitch) is an established and respected Twitch streamer, originally from CS: GO and highly regarded in the shooter community.
  • TimTheTatman (No. 4 on Twitch) and DrLupo (No. 8 on Twitch) are streamers from the Ninja environment who are both successful in Fortnite but also regularly stream other games
  • Gotaga is there – it is number 1 in France
  • The Swede Forsen is a cult streamer on Twitch who brings his own fan base
  • Dizzy was the star of Apex Legends, When the game went through the roof in February 2019, it destroyed everything in the first few weeks and won practically every tournament
  • HighDistortion and Cloakzy are performance-oriented streamers from Fortnite and other shooters

Who is missing from the big ones? The top streamers that are missing are Tfue, Myth and Dakotaz – the three are all clearly assigned to Fortnite. Riot Games does not want to reach this target group or they did not fit into the picture for other reasons.

Amazingly, DrDisrespect is missing – you might have expected it at the event as a “shooter streamer.”

Timothy John Betar, known as TimTheTatman, is the 4th largest streamer on Twitch at the moment.

Viewers can gain beta access to Valorant

This is what makes it special: So that even more people watch, there will be Twitch Drops at the event tonight.

If you have connected your riot account to Twitch, you have the chance Gain access to the closed beta.

Well-known Twitch streamers say about the new shooter Valorant: “The total blast”

Twitch is the key to success for multiplayer shooters

Why is Twitch so important? For a few years now, Twitch has been the key for online shooters to really get going and trigger a hype:

  • This modern trend started relatively slowly in 2016 with H1Z1: King of the Kill. The Battle Royale was raw and buggy, but incredibly entertaining and successful
  • In 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the game of the hour that suddenly dominated Twitch – that made DrDisrespect a star at the time
  • In 2018 Fortnite took over the top position and started a huge hype – the Battle Royale shooter owes many of the current stars of Twitch their high follower numbers

These three games had all grown more or less “organically” and the hype had arisen on Twitch. The developers of PUBG had once explained how to run the hype without a big budget brought.

Apex Legends Ninja Title 01
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is said to have received a lot of money back then to advertise Apex Legends.
  • As of 2019, this “innocent time” was over. EA brought Apex Legends to the platform planned and with a supposedly high budget for the streamers and could be strong for at least a few weeks. So should Ninja allegedly received $ 1 million back then. The streamer shroud also seemed to be part of this plan to conquer the platform with “Sponsored Streams” for the release.

2020 should follow in the list “Valorant” if everything goes as Riot Games imagined and planned. To do this, the game must also convince, be easy to read and fun for the viewer. We will be able to see if this is the case this evening from 7 p.m.

Valorant fire
Can Valorant be as successful as its predecessors?

For streamers, Valorant is an opportunity to be part of the “next big thing” from the beginning and maybe to reach a new level. So now has one Fortnite professional and Twitch streamer ended his career in Fortnite to start at Valorant.

Valorant has almost 1 million viewers on Twitch

Update 3.4., 8:02 p.m .: Does Riot’s plan work? Yes, it works. You can already say that. At just before 8 p.m., Valorant was by far the strongest category on Twitch.


Worldwide, the new shooter from Riot Games attracted almost 1 million viewers who wanted to see the game. League of Legends was in second place with around 250,000 spectators.

Most viewers have the following 7 Twitch channels:

  • TimTheTatman: 103k
  • summit1g: 90k
  • Lirik: 45k
  • The Twitch Rivals channel itself: 40k
  • ibai (Spanish): 32k
  • Gotaga (French): 30k
  • Pokimans: 30k

The largest German channel is the Twitch streamer Trymacs with just under 13k.

MeinMMO editor Leya Jankowski had the opportunity Valorant already alluding and describes her impressions here.

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