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Valve releases Windows drivers for Steam Deck – Gaming – News

I think what @Pistrie is referring to is that Linux itself has less overhead than Windows. This is more important on weaker hardware than on a beefy game PC.

You have the extra overhead of Proton/DXVK/Wine on Linux, but it’s quite low. And it also seems to scale as you make your graphics heavier/lighter in your game.

Just a 100% fictitious example to illustrate why Windows overhead becomes more/less relevant as you have weaker/better hardware available.

Weak hardware:

CPU: 0.1GHz from 1GHz (10%, because background processes, AV, updates, whatever)
RAM: 2GB (8GB) (25%)
Storage: 40GB (of the 120GB storage) (33%)
CPU: 0.01GHz out of 1GHz (1%, virtually no random stuff going on in the background)
RAM: 512MB (van de 8 GB) in (6.25%)
Storage: 5GB (van de 120GB storage) in (4%)

Heavy hardware:

CPU: 0.1GHz / 4GHz (2,5%)
RAM: 2GB/32GB (6.25%)
Storage: 40GB / 4TB (1%)
CPU: 0.01GHz out of 4GHz (0.25%)
RAM: 512MB / 32GB (1.5%)
Storage: 5GB / 4TB (0.125%)

This illustrates that with weak hardware you can use significantly more of your device if you work with Linux, but that as you work with better hardware this advantage becomes less and less significant. And at some point, the advantage of Linux will be outweighed by the overhead of Proton and co.

I’d be surprised if games actually work better on Windows than they do on Linux for the SteamDeck. Although I may be overestimating this impact in this situation.
Time will tell. People will no doubt test this.

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